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Advancing Innovative and Comprehensive Projects to Benefit Salmon

A Compilation of Video Resources Detailing Projects


Sacramento Valley Water Users have completed dozens of projects in recent years to benefit fish. From restoration of spawning habitat to fish screens to fish food, water districts and agencies have been focused on implementing innovative and comprehensive projects. The visual element to many of these projects, as well, hearing directly from the partners involved, helps put the size and scope of the projects into perspective. Listed below are some examples of those projects with links to videos detailing the projects.

Sacramento Valley Water Users

     1.     Advancing Innovative and Comprehensive Projects to Benefit
            People, Land, Fish and Wildlife in the Sacramento Valley

             Completed and Planned Projects by Sacramento Valley Water Users

Habitat Enhancement Projects

     1.    Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District – Restoration of Painter’s Riffle (2014) 

     2.    Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District – Creation of a spawning riffle near Market Street Bridge (2015) 

     3.    City of Redding Bridge Lighting Program (2015) 

     4.    Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District – Restoration of a side channel upstream of the Cypress Avenue Bridge (2016) 

     5.    Bullock Bend Floodplain Habitat Project (2016) 

     6.    River Garden Farms – Salmon Rearing Habitat Project (2017) 

     7.    Keswick Dam Spawning Gravel Projects (multiple years)


Fish Passage & Migratory Corridors Projects

     1.    Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District Fish Screen Project (2000) 

     2.    Reclamation District 108 – Eliminate adult salmon passage through

           Knights Landing Outfall Gates (KLOG) using a physical barrier (2015) 

     3.    Reclamation District 2035 / Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency – Fish Screen Project (2016) 

     4.    Reclamation District 108 – Replace Wallace Weir and construction of year-round fish capture facility (2017) 

Fish Food Production Projects

     1.    Nigiri Project

      2.    Fish Food on Floodplain Farm Fields Pilot Project

General Salmon Recovery Program Videos

     1.    Salmon Recovery Program Update (2016)

     2.    Salmon Recovery Program Update (2017)

     3.    Kris Tjernell, California Natural Resources Agency



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