South Cypress Side Channel Restoration

2020_11_02 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: November 2, 2020 After a pre-construction meeting and environmental training, a job site walk through with the construction crew was carried out. We then assisted the River Partners with tree removal and brush clearing.

2020_11_03 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: November 3, 2020 We conducted a morning briefing and attended cultural training with the Wintu Tribe. Excavation in the north section of side channel has been started and a berm was constructed to keep fish out of the work area after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife used netting to clear the fish from south portion of project. We began rock screening. NOTE: The material that is being screened is very wet.

2020_11_04 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: November 4, 2020 We held our morning briefing and safety meeting discussing one-way travel, branch removal and watching for unauthorized people on the work site. Temporarily shut down the rock screen for maintenance: tightened the belt. We excavated and hauled material from north channel to the screening plant and removed vegetation from the southern end of project. The work crew removed an old concrete weir structure.

2020_11_06 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: November 6, 2020 After the morning briefing and safety discussion we continued the excavation of the channel and material screening. We had a successful first attempt at injecting the spawning gravel injection. We began to relocate screen plant and stockpile area to a private landowner’s property north of the staging area. We also moved the sorted material to the new location.

2020_11_10 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: November 10, 2020 At the morning briefing we talked about Covid-19 guidelines and safety procedures along with jobsite safety and awareness. We continued the side channel excavation and screening of material for the spawning gravel. Jon Hannon from the Bureau of Reclamation directed the crew on the proper location and installation of the wood materials for habitat restoration.

2020_11_13 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: November 13, 2020 We had our morning briefing and talked about the decreased visibility and wet, possibly slick, conditions due to the rain. After successfully injected 410.86 and 74.76 cu yds of spawning gravel the previous two days we continued excavation of southern end of the side channel. Screening of material for spawning gravel continued.

2020_11_14 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: November 14, 2020 After our morning briefing and safety discussion we continued excavating the excess material from the side channel. During the screening of the material a bone was found. The southern channel excavation was halted per Cultural Monitors. Upon inspection the bone was determined to be from an animal so excavation and material screening resumed at 3:00.

2020_11_16 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: November 16, 2020 During our daily briefing and safety talk we discussed job site safety and communication. We continued to excavate and stockpile the overburden material as well as excavate the channel and screen material for spawning gravel. An interview and jobsite tour was given for the folks, Holly Dawley was interviewed.

2020_11_17 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: November 17, 2020 We continued to the cut channel grade from station 14+25 to 18+00, cut channel grade at station 21+75 and placed wood habitat. Graded from station 24+50 to 26+00. This area will need to be regraded; the cut was a little high. Continued to screen material and stockpile.

2020_11_19 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: November 19, 2020 Held the morning briefing and safety talk. We regraded the channel from 24+50 – 26+00 and started channel grading from station 19+50 – 20+00 Continued screening material. We successfully injected approximately 400 CY of spawning gravel into river.

2020_11_20 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: November 20, 2020 We conducted the morning briefing talking about mask protocols and job safety. Continue channel excavation and material screening. Continued the gravel injection. The turbidity levels began spiking so we changed injections to 2 or 3 times per day.

2020_11_23 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: November 23, 2020 The middle haul road was removed, and channel excavated. The pinch point between the two ponds is currently being excavated. The removal of overburden materials is ongoing and we are continuing to inject spawning gravel.

2020_11_25 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: November 25, 2020 Discussed job safety at the morning briefing. We continued with the channel excavation. The material screening is ongoing and successful gravel injection is in progress. Meeting scheduled with job site consultant Terry Hanson about access route on to jobsite. All crew personnel will return on Monday 11/30/2020 after the Thanksgiving Holiday.

2020_11_30 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: November 30, 2020 We had our morning briefing and conducted a job safety briefing. Completed the channel excavation at the culvert crossing. Completed wood habitat placement. Continued to screen material and inject gravel into main river channel.

2020_12_4 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: December 4, 2020 Held morning briefing and safety discussion. We continue the haul route rehab and completed the removal of northern dam. Continue grading spawning gravel. Conducted the 10:00AM punch list walkthrough and received the new specifications for haul route road rehab.

2020_12_7 Daily Log

Daily Log Entry: December 7, 2020 After our morning meeting we began cleanup an top dressing the haul route. Hauled loader buckets of fines material for Terry Hanson. Finished final grading of spawning gravel and removed the containment berm. Continued to add wood habitat material to channel per John Hannon.




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